Technical Support

Our customers enjoy industry-leading technical support. We understand that you are busy running a business. This means you don’t have time to troubleshoot and fix computers, servers, and networking issues yourself. In fact, the more time you spend working on these problems yourself, the more time you lose serving your customers or making new sales.

To give you an idea of how amazing our technical support services are, we deliver unlimited technical support for a low monthly cost. You don’t have to worry about an invoice showing up every time you call for help. This means you won’t hesitate to call when there is an issue. Teams that “deal with” malfunctioning IT environments are less productive and often discouraged. Because we offer unlimited support instead of hourly support, we are simultaneously motivated to resolve your issue as quickly as possible and make sure that the issue doesn’t come up again.

When talking about response times, we exceed our competition. We guarantee a 15-minute response time for critical issues and a 1-hour response time for low-priority issues. Can’t wait 15 minutes? Then give us a call! You will talk to our support team, based in Utah, who will be happy to answer your call and help resolve your technical support requests.

We offer a convenient online portal that allows you and your team to track any open support requests and follow up on progress. This provides your employees a single place to go for support with complete visibility to you as the business owner.